ECommerce, Hosting & Website Design

The Brief

Lussivo came to us wanting a complete refresh of the website we made for them many years ago. They wanted a complete overhaul in design and layout while maintaining their current branding.


They wanted a new way of displaying their work, which would be easy to upload and maintain. They also wanted an Ecommerce platform to sell their own products.

Our Approach

Our approach was to use large images to really capture the user’s attention while having easy-to-access contact details.


Lussivo provided us with great images to be able to achieve the design we all wanted.


We used custom post types and advanced custom fields to produce a portfolio section that looks great and is easy to maintain.

The Result

With the excellent images, we were able to create a clean, eye-catching website with all the features Lussivo asked for.


We maintained & enhanced their branding throughout while bringing the website up to modern standards.