Branding, Website Design

The Brief

Lunnon came to us looking for assistance in updating their existing branding & website. We discussed in detail what they were after and we went through what they liked, didn’t like etc. This gave us a good indication of where to take this website.


We worked closely with two local businesses on this project. A graphic designer that produced brand assets and a local SEO company to manage that side of the project.


We also discussed the potential of getting some new images taken for the website and possibly some drone footage to show the scale of the business.

Our Approach

We wanted to maintain the colours the company has, for example, their colours on the machinery and fleet. This would bring continuity across the board.


We wanted users to feel comfortable scrolling the site and for it to be easy to contact Lunnon, so we had contact forms in the main areas. This would hopefully drive traffic to Lunnon and increase leads.


Overall, we wanted to mainly update the site to 2022/23 standards and for Lunnon to have a website they are proud of and that competes with competitors.

The Result

We are happy with the outcome and so are Lunnon. We maintained the original feel of the website by enhancing the branding and updating various icons.


We were able to organise drone footage which come out very well and shows how big of a company Lunnon are, which will gain the trust of the user.


We also implemented TrustPilot, which will also show users the company is legit and a credible business.