Pay As You Go Support & Updates

Ad-Hoc Support credits

As of November 2023 we have changed the way our pay as you go support is billed. 


For clients who are not on our monthly maintenance package, they will need to purchase support credits for us to carry out update and support works. 

Each credit will give you 10 minutes of our support time.


When you email for support you will be quoted on how long it will take us to complete the works and if you wish to go ahead you will either need credits on account or to purchase some below. If we quote you 30 minutes, you will need 3 tokens, if it’s 1 hour, you will need 6. 


If you would prefer to just email us whenever you need help and for us to be on hand whenever is needed please contact us about our monthly maintenance packages.


Important info about Your credits

If you would like to check your credit balance please email each time you email we will let you know how many credits you have and how many the support ticket will take from your account.


1 Credit is 10 minutes, Credits are discounted for bulk purchases
Credits are purchased through the Stripe checkout with the buttons above